Carrot – coconut bliss balls. Chocolate-y :-) BLW – BLW od kuchni. Rozwój dziecka przez jedzenie.

BLW Healthy sweets, cakes etc.

Carrot – coconut bliss balls. Chocolate-y :-) BLW

These simple healthy dessert will fool your taste buds to think you’re eating chocolate truffles. These bliss balls are simple to make and so delicious. Finio kept stealing them while I was making them 😉 They are quite soft on the first day (my son didn’t mind) but they get thicker the next day and that’s when they resemble the store bought chocolate truffles. This is a perfect paleo dessert and would make a great kids’ party snack when you have a bunch of kids over. They’re also quite cheap to make 🙂

What age? The recipe contains cashew nuts but you can skip them or substitute with some coconut butter.






Carrot - coconut bliss balls. Chocolate-y 🙂
Porcje 30
These bliss balls are simple, cheap and will fool your taste buds into thinking you're indulging in store bought chocolate truffles. My son and his cousin loved them!
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Czas przygotowania
25 min
Czas gotowania
15 min
Całkowity czas
40 min
Czas przygotowania
25 min
Czas gotowania
15 min
Całkowity czas
40 min
  1. • 1/2 cup dried dates (soaked for 2h)
  2. • 2/3 cup cashew nuts (soaked for minimum 2h)
  3. • 1 cup shredded coconut (I used coconut milk pulp)
  4. • 2 finely grated carrots
  5. • 2 cups coconut milk (I used 1 cup home-made milk + 1 cup water)
  6. • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  7. • 1 tbsp coconut oil / butter
  8. • 2 tbsp of carob / cocoa
  9. • 1/2 cup amaranth popping
  10. • 1/2 cup coarse coconut flour (grind shredded coconut) OR ground nuts/seeds of choice
  1. 1. Grate carrots and measure 1 cup.
  2. 2. Add finely grated carrot & shredded coconut to a pot and pour the milk (+water) over. Cook about 15 minutes on low heat. Drain and let cool down. Drink the carrot coconut milk with some honey 😉
  3. 3. Soak dates and cashew nuts for at least 2 hours.
  4. 4. Place drained carrot & coconut plus dates, nuts, lemon juice, coconut oil/butter in a bowl and blend till smooth with a hand blender. (You can use a food processor). Add cocoa or carob powder and stir till well combined. Set aside in the fridge for at least 15 minutes (1 hour or longer).
  5. 5. Gradually add the amaranth popping and ground shredded coconut (home-made coconut flour). Once you have a dough that's easy to form into balls, scoop out 1 tablespoon and form into a ball in your hands. You'll have approximately 30 balls which sounds like a lot of work but it takes just a few minutes. My son loved them soft but let them chill for few hours in your fridge and you'll see how much they resemble truffles. You can coat them with home-made chocolate and some crushed nuts, shredded coconut or freeze dried fruit!
  1. * Home-made chocolate: 1 tablespoon coconut oil / ghee + 1 tablespoon carob / cocoa + 1 tablespoon honey. Dissolve fat, turn off the heat, add the carob and mix well. Add honey or other sweetener and stir well. Pour over the truffles.
BLW od kuchni. Rozwój dziecka przez jedzenie.

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